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Saturday Jan 5, 2013 – (I forget)

Friday Jan 11, 2013 – Keystone Wrestling – Plymouth PA

Saturday Jan 12, 2013 – NWA Wresling – Parsippany NJ

Friday Jan 18, 2013 – NWA Liberty States – Hasbrouck Heights NJ

June 15, 2013 – Highly Competitive Wrestling – Nescopeck PA


October 29, 2011 will be a bittersweet day. On October 29, 2011, the IWF, Independent Wrestling Federation in West Paterson, NJ will hold its final live event, and then close its doors for good. The IWF has held a place in my heart for the past 11 and 1/2 years. That’s where I got started. View full article »

Another CRAZY dream

I forget why, but I was in jail.

Matt Denton flew in from England for a week to be there for my trial and to support me.

I met a girl there, whose name I forget, but she had a cell phone the size of a Netbook, that opened into a full-sized laptop desk/table. It was called the “Ashcan” and it cost $420.

There was a kitchen and dining room as our mess hall, and all our meals were home-cooked and buffet style. There was some really good food. Desserts were ice cream and M&M’s.

Gary Dell’Abate (Baba Booey) from the Howard Stern Show was one of the prison wardens and he was pissed at me because I wouldn’t cooperate.

Al Snow was also a warden. He was pissed at me because there were 4 other indy wrestlers locked up besides myself, and instead of mug shots, they all gave Al Snow 8×10 promo photos. I didn’t, so he got mad.

There was an autograph session in the mess hall cafeteria with Kevin Nash, DDP, Ron Simmons (he had a mohawk), and Bradshaw. Kevin Nash shook my hand thinking I was Mick Foley.

I got into an argument with two older black women, one of them had a metal golf tee pierced through the bridge of her nose. One asked me a question, then started talking over me while I was answering her so I got mad and yelled at her and got in more trouble from warden Al Snow.

I was very excited when I found the hidden stash of M&M’s.

The girl I met earlier kissed me and we made out for a bit. She sent me an email (we were allowed to use our cell phones in jail). I got her email, but Matt Denton secretly changed the theme on my iPhone to Japanese, as a rib on me. So I couldn’t read the email except the first line that said “Joe, you are hella fun!”. I forget the girl’s name but it started with an M.

For some reason, I took that girls Ashcan cell phone into the interrogation room with me and Danny Inferno came in to get it for her and bring it back to her.

I went outside for a cigarette and saw Vanessa (@Hottie0086) walking on the sidewalk and yelled “Vanessa!!” three times but she never heard me, or just ignored me.

I had two jobs, my current office job, and Best Buy. I remember I had double-booked myself for work the following morning and I wanted to use my “one phone call” to call one of my bosses and say I couldn’t come in. In this dream, it must’ve been Friday because I remember telling Baba Booey “Tomorrow is Saturday, I have Best Buy from 8-2, but my other job from 11-6, they overlap so I have to call out of one”.

Baba Booey made me go through the pockets in a pile of clothes he had, to look for money. He said I could keep any nickels I found. How generous.

A woman from my real-life day job was in jail too. She was eating when I saw her. I went into the fridge to grab something and she was telling me that even though I don’t wear glasses, I should start because it would make my hair look longer.

Matt Denton claimed he got a hotel room for the week, but when he showed me pics of it, he was actually staying in someone’s garage at their house. Odd.

I woke up about 11:30AM, and this is all of what I remembered. What. The. Fuck.


Here’s a crazy dream I just woke up from. It’s now 10:45AM on Saturday, July 16, 2011:

I’m in Mexico to work some wrestling shows. I don’t have a hotel room, so I sleep on a couch in a random hotel lobby bathroom, that happens to have a TV in it. I get bored at 2:53AM so I decide to take a walk. I walk to a little bodega/deli type place and arrive at 7:23AM. So I walked for 4 1/2 hours. They’re not open yet. They open at 7:30AM, but the catch is, they close at 7:32AM. LOL So I walk in, and Rockin Rebel (ECW/WCW/Indies) is workin at the deli counter. So I sit down and Rob Feinstein (RF Video) happens to be sitting next to me. He has a Mexican newspaper. It has pics of me in it from a random BWO show from NJ. I order a cinnamon roll and a donut. Feinstein orders a salad and I yell at him “who the fuck eats salad at 7:30 in the morning!!”. Him and Rebel laugh, Rob says “Joey Image just yelled at me for ordering salad! Hahaha” we all have a big laugh, and I wake up.

What. The. Fuck. ??

Raven’s Log
Stardate: 1.23.04
11:20 eastern time
Clarification has become my mantra

Here’s the deal, everyone can speculate or say I’m wrong, but I would venture 90% or more of the people who don’t call me Raven, who call me Scott are just trying to be “oh, look how cool I am.” Raven is my stage name. Raven is my public name, you wouldn’t talk to Marilyn Manson and call him Brian because he doesn’t go by Brian. If John Wayne were alive, you wouldn’t call him Marion (snicker) because that’s his real name. View full article »

ECW Review – 12/29/2009

Dreamer announcement “I lose, I retire”
Matt Hardy over Finlay
Evan Bourne over Knox
Dreamer promo w/ Tiffany
(ring announcer chick looking absolutely clueless)

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So WrestleMania 28 is in Miami. Me, being a huge fan of Florida, immediately had a lightbulb above my head, and I thought: A lot of people I talk to on Twitter are from the east coast, maybe we could make a big meetup out of it. My ideas are a group weekend. View full article »

Team Taz

December 21st on my Twitter, there were several “cryptic”
messages posted to and from me, and a lot of people asked what it
was all about. Here’s the story: View full article »

Injury Update

The story is, my right ankle has tendon damage and swelling which can be taken care of with the pills I’m on. My left knee has arthritis, a torn meniscus, and damaged cartilage under my knee cap. I need surgery. I’m “out of wrestling” for 6-8 weeks. I’m wrestling Dec 4 in Scranton PA. View full article »


My nit-picky over-analysis of 10-10-10

First of all, the date: 10-10-10 View full article »