Here’s the deal. I have 3 separate and unrelated (but simultaneous) injuries that all need to be taken care of.

1- My neck. I already know about this, surgery upcoming.

2- Severely herniated and bulging disc in my lower back (L5). My doctor said this is a major herniation and needs surgery ASAP. It is pressing against my spinal column more than the discs in my neck are, and is a large disc, therefore not a good one to injure. The disc underneath this L5 is cracked, but he wants to fix L5 first before messing with the cracked disc. So May 2nd is back surgery.

3- Torn labrum. Above the ball joint/socket in the human hip is a tissue called the labrum. The labrum forms a gasket around the socket, creating a tight seal and helping to provide stability to the joint. Mine is severely torn thus the joint is unstable (explaining my need to walk with a cane) and the doctor said this was a “shocking discovery”, as it’s not something he commonly sees. He wants a second opinion before deciding what to do, so I have an app’t with another doctor for this, next Tuesday.

So all in all, I’m pretty beat up. Luckily, everything can be fixed and I can return to wrestling, but that return date will have to be pushed back due to these other 2 issues that have popped up. As for the Bursitis in my hip, that wasn’t too severe but he gave me a steroid shot to help lessen that pain and it felt much better right away. My doc says both of these issues could be new or they could be lingering issues “leftover” from wrestling that just weren’t too bad, until whatever happened that let me know they are there. I’ve had pain in my lower back for years but it usually was for only about 2 weeks and never occurred more than once or twice a year, so after the 2 weeks it seemed to go away on its’ own. But my doctor said he’s worried about how herniated the L5 disc is because it’s almost fully out of the socket and barely clinging on.

Ya know what, I have to be honest. I’m not usually a “go go go” kinda guy. Anyone else, if a doc told all this shit news to, I’d prob say something like “you should consider quitting in-ring wrestling”. But me, I just haven’t even considered that possibility. I know I’m no Flair, or Hogan, or even a Barry Horowitz. But I love the business, I love the in-ring, and I love what I do. People can talk all the shit about me they want (they don’t usually back it up anyway), but they can’t deny my passion or my heart. After 14 years in the ring, I’m okay with a few obstacles in the road. It’s 3 things that can all be fixed, and I’ll get them fixed. Thank you to all who’ve supported me and continuously ask how I’m doing. I can’t express in words how much it means to me that people give a fuck. Thank you so much.