Here’s the scoop, for all those asking:

As per my doctor, I have a bulging, herniated and compressed disc, I think he said the C5, and a pinched nerve (which explains the random numbness in my hands). He said I could be out of wrestling 9-12 months total. I have to make an appointment with a specialist and go there ASAP. I will be calling them Monday. But right now, I cannot wrestle until he says otherwise. I’m pretty much in shock, and I definitely did not expect anything remotely this bad. My doctor said its much more severe than he’d expected too. He said if I leave it the way it is and just do Physical Therapy, I can be out of wrestling 6-9 months. PT will help, through neck/resistance exercises (along with Cortisone injections) to work the bulging disc back into place. There’s 2 discs pressing on the C5, one from on top of it, one below it, and that pressure is causing it to bulge out the back of my neck. So that’s the compression and bulging. And he said behind those discs are the nerves of your spinal column. Where it’s bulging, it’s pressing on a nerve, which is causing the numbness in my hands. So he said one wrong bump in a match, that disc/my neck could break, or it can get jammed right through that nerve and there’s the possibility of me being paralyzed. On the other hand he also said one good bump could also bang it right back into place and I’d be fine, but that’s a risk he’d rather I not take. So bottom line, as of now, I’m out of wrestling for 9 months, if we’re looking at worst case scenario, which is how I look at it. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Thanks all for your concern.