I got an email yesterday on Facebook from a Twitter troll who’s talked shit about me, verbally “buried” me, trolled me, made fun, etc, for a LONG time.

Well, he’s part of a Facebook group that I am a part of as well (not under his troll username, so I had no way to know he was the same guy), and we’ve actually had some good non-confrontational convos back and forth, and he seems like a decent guy. So the FB email is here:

“SO I got a favor to ask. Would you consider unblocking me (Username deleted) from Twitter? I know I’ve been a complete ass on there, but after being in the (Facebook) group and being around you it’s made me see that you aren’t the “big bad wolf” that people make you out to be.”

My response was simple: “Nope”. Then I started wondering to myself “Why not?”, and the answer to that question became the email below, which I sent back to the troll this morning. I provide solid facts on why these Twitter trolls are lame, and why they need to stop their bullshit. And since they’re trolls, they either won’t even read it and just claim they did and I’m lame or some other dumb remark that is not at all clever, original, or witty. Or they will read it and claim I’m whining or something. Let them think that, because that honestly does show their extreme lack of respect for me, and to that of the everyday average person. My email is not only to this specific troll, but to ALL trolls and online “cyber bullies”. It’s bullshit and I’m sick of it.


“People need to realize that “Joey Image” is a GIMMICK, a wrestling character, that I use social media to get “over” or get a reaction. I am fully-trained, and it’s just a character, not the real me. And if you did see the real me, or followed my “real name” Twitter, you’d see how insanely different the two are. My real-me Twitter is ALL video games, movies, podcasts, tech, PC stuff, etc. 100% different. But when you and your troll buddies talk shit, you/they ALWAYS take it too far and make it personal. Honestly, you all have far too much growing up and maturing to do for me to EVER unblock any of you. What none of you think about is the fact that MOST of what you guys say, personally or emotionally hurts people sometimes. People have hunted down and KILLED bullies like you guys, over stuff like this. It’s been on the news plenty of times. People COMMIT SUICIDE over shit like this, because of people like you, and you morons just keep it up day after day. Well when someone does take their own life, because trolls like you and whoever else on Twitter, just can’t shut the fuck up and get over yourselves and your thinking that you’re somehow “funny” or even relevant, and you keep up your verbal attacks day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day (SEE how annoying it is?) I hope you feel great knowing that YOU drove that person to do that, to kill them self, because of all your “cyber bullying”. I’m a good dude, and I don’t legit hate anyone. I dislike people, sure. Who doesn’t? But not once have I ever treated someone the way you and your troll buddies do. I’ve been told to “kill myself” by trolls more than once. Such class! It’s no wonder your only online friends seem to be each other.
One last thing, you asked me to unblock you, but nowhere in that email did you even offer an apology. I wouldn’t even think of unblocking you, or any troll, without at least that.
I’m no “big bad wolf”. I’m a living, breathing person, with feelings, and a job. I take care of myself. I have my own home, car, bills, responsibilities, etc. I handle my own life, like a man. You trolls talk shit behind your almighty keyboards, 99% of the time never revealing who you actually are, like pussies.

It’s 2012. Time to grow up.”