Disgruntled Musings…
Copy & paste the link above. Borat got beat up in NYC. Give me a break. Why can’t people grow, and lighten, the fuck up. It’s COMEDY, morons. If you’re so fucking uptight that this character or movie actually offends or bothers you, then you might as well not watch any other comedy ever. It’s COMEDY. Not to be taken seriously. Jesus fucking Shrimp and Broccoli…. And there’s jews that are actually offended by some anti-semitic comments in the movie, despite the fact that he’s JEWISH. How fucking stupid is that. That’s like me getting offended if a white guy calls me cracker… HE’S WHITE, I’M WHITE. What the FUCK is the problem!? There are people in Iraq, getting killed for no reason, every single day of the week. And there’s actually people more worried, and more concerned, with a fucking character in a movie. No wonder half the population of our country are fucking morons, because they’re fucking morons!

Man the Howard Stern show gets better every day. There’s another show people bitch and complain about. Grow the fuck up already. People call Stern an asshole, a moron, a loser, etc etc. Ok geniuses, when you’re making 500 MILLION fucking dollars, in 5 years at your job, then you can call someone else shit. I don’t understand the moron or stupid comments. How stupid is someone who gets himself a $500 million job??

And who gives a fuck about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting married in some giant Italian castle…and “inviting” Entertainment Tonight to come film parts of it for TV. Hey Cruise, you fucking pompous bitch, why don’t you just go on ET yourself and say “Hi I’m Tom Cruise and I have tons of millions and millions of dollars, and you don’t, so sit back and watch my multi-million-dollar wedding on your shitty 30 inch televisions.” Fuck Tom Cruise, fuck his money, and fuck his ugly wife. I don’t understand why the American public is so obsessed with celebrities and what they’re doing in their own lives. Why isn’t the population worried about their OWN lives? What bearing on your life will it have if Tom Cruise gets married in Italy, or in fucking Grand Rapids, Michigan…or Philadelphia, or Newark NJ?! None…who gives a shit what that fuck does, do your own shit and shut the fuck up.

Another thing that bothers me, the god damn News. Ya know, when I’m eating dinner around 7/7:30PM and I have the TV on, don’t pop your ad on and say something like ‘Find out what common kitchen item is guaranteed to give you the clap, at 11!’ Hey fuck face, if it’s so god damn common, TELL ME NOW. By the time 11 comes around, I could have 30 of these “common kitchen items” already and have the clap 20 times over, you fucking dolt bitches.

And another news rant, what’s with all this shit that is “linked” to odd things? The new one I saw last night is that red meat is now linked to breast cancer. I’ve seen eggs linked to the common cold, fruits linked to allergies, etc etc.. This is all bullshit… I’m sure next week it’ll be “Tonight at 11, find out how Chinese lo-mein with 2Tsps of salt is linked to the volume knob on your car stereo!” Dude…fuck you.

Posted on November 14, 2006 at 11:53 AM