November 12, 2005
And now, thoughts.

– I look forward to notes from ‘mysterious’ Misty. She has begun to interest and intrigue me. Keep it comin, babe.

– The best, in order, “Scream” movies were 1, 2, then 3. The first was brilliant, and totally innovative and original, a 10 out of 10. Part two was about a 6 or 7. The main reason being, the original could not be topped, so it loses points right away. But a copycat pair of killers was a great idea, and having Billy Loomis’ mother as one of the killers was a fucking genius twist. In fact, having Gail Weathers walk out when they showed the killer and making the audience believe SHE was one of the killers was also a genius twist, but then revealing Roseanne Barr’s TV sister as the actual killer was a sweet twist within a twist “subplot”. The thrid one I don’t remember much of because I only saw it one time, in the theather. I just know that Sid is reunited with her brother, and the movie sucked. I’ll have to watch it again soon though, to refresh my memory.

– Does the world need 47546584379 god damn Marley’s? And must they ALL be reggae singers? Can’t this fuckin family come up with some originality? “Hey, all 64853 of my family members are reggae singers, maybe I should be a doctor. No, fuck doctors, I should be a reggae faggot too”. Jesus Christmas for fucks’ sake, STOP having god damn offspring. Maybe I’ll have 3858576543 kids too, and they’ll all work for Best Buy. Then I can rule the fuckin company! arrrggghhh!! Actually, my first born son is going to be a professional wrestler, like me. 🙂

– Speaking of Best Buy, when did I become the fucking new guy? I’ve been working there for over 2 years now, and like 95% of the other employees are all noobs, or as Dan and I call them, “jobbers”. Maybe if I got more than like 4 hours a night, two or three nights a month, I’d be part of the store team. Oh well.

– Is anyone else wondering what the FUCK is going on with celebrity books? Do we need 954398 celebs writing books? Are you people’s lives so god damn bankrupt that you sit around and worry about what famous people are doing and thinking? Get your own bullshit straight, and fuck Hollywood. Trump has a book, Robert Downey Jr is in the process of writing his, Dennis Rodman just wrote a book. DENNIS RODMAN, FOR CHRIST SAKE! Dennis Rodman’s book: “Chapter 1- Makeup- I wake up and put on make up and a dress. I go play basketball. for some fucking reason, I am given millions upon millions of dollars. I am a fucking waste of life.”. Dennis rodman, FUCK YOU, you spray-painted hair idiot.

– And since you all read my diatribe entailing how much I just love Paterson NJ, let me add this to it: the Showcase Laundry. That’s right folks, the Showcase fucking Laundry. Here’s a fucking group of people, who buy this building. Beautiful fuckin building. Elegant and attractive on the outside, HUGE HIGH ceilings on the inside. Nice floors, lots of windows, etc. It’s a great-looking piece of architecture, very inviting. So the morons buy it and say “gee, we have this gorgeous building, that would make a KILLING as a book store, or an electronics store, or even a cafe or restaurant, and it’s huge too, so let’s put some washers and dryers in it”. You stupid fucks. You. Stupid. Fucks. Put a fucking stage in there, have bands, rappers, singers, whatever.. and call it the Showcase Theater. Not the Showcase god damn Laundry, and waste the fucking building like that. That’s what your lameass laundromat has become, a WASTE of a beautiful fucking building.

Posted on November 12, 2005 at 6:16 PM