Raven’s Log
Stardate: 1.23.04
11:20 eastern time
Clarification has become my mantra

Here’s the deal, everyone can speculate or say I’m wrong, but I would venture 90% or more of the people who don’t call me Raven, who call me Scott are just trying to be “oh, look how cool I am.” Raven is my stage name. Raven is my public name, you wouldn’t talk to Marilyn Manson and call him Brian because he doesn’t go by Brian. If John Wayne were alive, you wouldn’t call him Marion (snicker) because that’s his real name. You wouldn’t call Tom Cruise Mr. Maytother or whatever the hell his last name is, you’d call him Tom or Mr. Cruise. Hey look, you’re gonna call me what you’re gonna call me. All I’m saying is I prefer Raven. Raven is also my name in the Screen Actor’s Guild (yes, it does say Raven on the card and the bill for dues is sent for Raven). I also don’t think by writing my journals and letting you have glimpses into what makes me tick that I’ve invited you to call me Scott. Similarly, if you are watching “Cribs” and Snoop Dogg is on and he lets you into his house, he’s still not saying call me Bob or whatever the hell his name is. It is called TheRavenEffect.com, not ScottLevy.com anymore. I was incredibly flattered that Vic went to this much trouble creating this phenomenal site because of his respect for me. I think it’s an incredibly generous act but I asked Vic that to make it official we change the name. He was cool with that. He understood that that is my public face. If your name is Richard, but you prefer Rich and I call you Dick, that’s disrespectful even though Dick is a perfectly acceptable nickname for someone named Richard, just ask ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon. To reprint a fan, “Destiny’s,” words:

“Did you even read Raven’s journal entry?? He didn’t say anything about fans knowing his real name, let alone that looking it up was disrespectful. And if you believe he would “freak out” on someone who did, you must have read that somewhere else. He didn’t write it here.

Frankly, you seem to have missed the point of Raven’s entry altogether. Let me help you. The point is, simply stated, courtesy. Wrestlers and other public figures have the same right to be treated courteously as everyone else. And in the matter of what to call them, courtesy means you call them whatever they wish to be called. Its’ their right and privilege to decide what that is. Not mine. Not yours. I have one aunt who wants to be called “Aunt so & so” and another who wants to be called by her given name alone. The only way I would disregard their wishes is if I had no respect for them.”

You know what I prefer, but I respect your decision to call me what you want. But then you have to respect me if I decide to snub you if I feel your tone to be all insider-y. Yes, insider-y is not a word, but you can tell what it means.