Dreamer announcement “I lose, I retire”
Matt Hardy over Finlay
Evan Bourne over Knox
Dreamer promo w/ Tiffany
(ring announcer chick looking absolutely clueless)

Troops tribute video
Raw promo at Izod April 15 2010
Awkward silence 5 minutes
Big pop for Bret graphic
Tatsu promo w/ Goldust, teaches Goldust japanese, awful. Indy guys (Dude Busters) interrupt to talk about Dreamers last night.
Dreamers last match in WWE, vs Ryder. No heat for Ryder, good Tommy pop. utter silence during match. Dreamer visibly not selling until he sees himself on screen. Ryder over, long Dreamer farewell speech. Beulah in front row. VERY great speech/finish.

Superstars –
Archer/Benjamin. Silent crowd. Archer fought through ref’s 5 count, tree of woe spot. Shelton over by DQ.
Striker/Grisham come out to Strikers music.
Cryme Time vs Knox/Haas. Knox missed a spear, but JTG sold it, and Knox didn’t. WTF. JTG over Haas. Not a good match. Left the ring together. Double file behind each other. Odd exit there.

Smackdown –
Matt Hardy video randomly plays for no reason for about 30 seconds, then is cut off.
Rey/Batista video.
Pyro – gf jumps 20 feet in the air in startle-ment LOL
People hold up signs. My gf holds up popcorn.
Punk/Dorian Deville (Gallows) come out. Punk, awesome promo about new years resolutions. Hilarious. Stupid “What” chants. Next week “saves” an audience member.
Hardy vs Punk, Beat the Clock contest, winner to get IC title shot. Quiet crowd. Lots of chain wrestling. I think about 9 people care. Punk wins in 7:20 with GTS. Dorian Deville looks much better now than when he worked for Glitter.
McIntyre/Morrison hype.
Cameraman dances on apron. Much more entertaining than Punk/Hardy.
Kane pyro, crowd shits themselves. Ziggler entrance. Ziggler/Kane chain, DZ works the leg. I’m screaming “Hogan! TNA! January 4!!” zero ppl care. People chanting “you both suck” at Kane/Ziggler. I yelled “people are leaving”, somehow that got a pop. Kane/DZ do not beat the 7:20, match over. People by me yell “what a waste of 7 minutes”.
Truth/Batista, Jericho/Rey graphic
Indy jobber hits ring. “The Carolina Panther”. Khali enters. Chokeslam, over. Waste of breath. Indian marks next to me cheer loudly. Awful match.
Marine 2 commercial.
IC Title, Morrison enters, but the slo-mo effect does not seem to work live. (sad face). Mcintyre enters. Good pop for JM. Morrison hung up in ropes. Random chants by me. I rule. Turnbuckle pad removed. Mcintyre over by screwjob dq. Morrison attacks on the ramp. Ref has a “take no shit” attitude. Need more refs like this.
I may have mental issues.
Michele mccool and Layla enter. commercial
Beth Phoenix enters. Alexis Laree/Mickie James enters, in jeans. James over in 2 minutes. Layla/Michelle run-in. Beth makes the save. Layla takes rough bump outside. Beth turns on Mickie. Faceplant.
Jericho video, on way to ring. Commercial
Ring crew replacing canvas. Kid Rock video.
Jericho enters. HUGE pop/heat mix
Crowd reaction continues. Promo “bigger than SD and WWE”, runs down Rey. “gelatinous tapeworms” and “lollygagging dullards” LOL
Mysterio entrance. Some asshole in the crowd (ME) is yelling out a Taco Bell order at Rey. Good match so far. Good falsies. Rey over with 1 second left by rollup. Enormous pop for RM.
Another Marine 2 promo. Die Ted.
Harts enter. Jesse, Wang Yang and Maria. No reaction. Silence. DH Smith over Yang. NO TAGS all match, done in about 3 minutes. Nattie sharpshooter on Maria.
Truth/Dave next.
Mysterio enters. People are puzzled.
Truth entrance. Gay “what’s up” shit. Big Dave entrance. Decent heat. Slow, methodic. Good heel. Rey at ringside. I yell past workers names and get laughs. Guy in front of me does too, gets no pop lol bad spear attempt. Good spear after. Rey pulls ref out during Batista’s cover, Dave loses. Rey vs Taker for title. Rey runs out.
Vickie comes out. Announces Rey/Batista next week for #1 contender. Changes mind, street fight right now. Rey enters ring.
Garbage can lid spots. Batista sells brilliantly for Rey. Chair in ring.
Jericho run-in, attacks Rey
Hardy attacks Jericho
Punk attacks Hardy
Kane attacks Punk/Gallows
Rey wins from a Kane chokeslam on Batista. Bodies laying all over the ring.
Punk and Jericho in legit arguments with fans lol great heat for both.
Batista still in-ring selling for about 10 minutes.

Show overall = good fun.