So WrestleMania 28 is in Miami. Me, being a huge fan of Florida, immediately had a lightbulb above my head, and I thought: A lot of people I talk to on Twitter are from the east coast, maybe we could make a big meetup out of it. My ideas are a group weekend. Maybe Friday, Saturday, then the show on Sunday. Friday could be like a big group brunch, or dinner. Then partying, or a bar, or even a huge hotel party at night. Saturday could be group brunch, then some Fan Axxess maybe, and the Hall of Fame ceremony that night. Sunday could be an early breakfast then whatever during the day, then Mania at night. I think one of those days has to include some type of eating competition between myself and Corey @Smarkrage. LOL

As far as tickets to the events, we could all buy our own which is the easiest way, or if WWE still limits tickets to 8 per person, per purchase transaction, we could all send our money to a few people who can then buy tickets as groups to ensure we can all sit together. I’d also like to be able to have a few people chip in and help out others who maybe can’t afford full price for a ticket, but that’s a long shot. Meaning if we get $100 seats, and we have someone who can only afford $80, then we get a few people to chip in that last $20 for the ticket so that person could also sit with us. And then as far as that person paying back, you’d figure that all out with that person. I realize getting people to chip in for someone else may be tough, because of the prices, and the economy, etc (believe me, if I was a millionaire, I’d pay for all of you).

I will add more to this blog later on, as I am very busy at work right now, but also welcome any thoughts or ideas.