December 21st on my Twitter, there were several “cryptic”
messages posted to and from me, and a lot of people asked what it
was all about. Here’s the story: TAZ, ECW legend and one
of my favorite wrestlers, is holding two dojos/clinics/training
camps, in January and March of 2011. Out of several hundred
applicants, only 8 people were selected to attend each. I was
chosen for the March session. I appreciate those of you who sent
me tweets, texts, and DM’s with congratulatory messages. Fact is,
this is an absolute once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one I’m
quite honored to be selected for. There is one issue however, I
didn’t know at the time I applied that the sessions will be held on
weekdays, and with me having a full-time job, I will have a hard
time getting the time off of work that I need to, to attend the
dojo. I absolutely will do everything in my power to be there and
have already put the bug in my boss’s ear as to how immensely
important this is to me and potentially to my future in wrestling.
I am completely HONORED to be chosen, and have always held Taz in
high regard. Being trained by him during this dojo would be a
dream-come-true. A lot of people know this story already, but the
first wrestling school I contacted about being trained was the ECW
House of Hardcore. At the time, Taz was an intimidating monster on
TV, and was killing everyone. Once I heard he was the trainer there, I
called and told them I was no longer interested. What a mistake.
One I’ve always regretted. Well here is my second chance to be
trained by Taz, and to train along side him. I’ve come to know Taz,
the man, a little via Twitter DM’s, and despite his former self on
TV, he’s been the most down-to-earth, laid back, easy going, and
cool guy I’ve met in the business in quite a while. I appreciate
the time he spent talking to me about the dojo and if I get the
time off from work to pursue this, I will put $ aside and I will be
there in March. This really legitimately is a BIG thing for me and
one I want to take part in so badly. I also want to congratulate my
boy Jason Gotti, who I hear was also chosen to attend. Good job,
big man! So again, thank you to everyone who’s supported and
continues to support me in this rasslin’ dream of mine. And to Taz,
THANK YOU so much for watching my match, and offering me this spot
in the camp. I pray I can be there, and will not let anyone down.