My nit-picky over-analysis of 10-10-10

First of all, the date: 10-10-10

October 10th, 2010? The date has been pushed as “only occurs once a century” for weeks now. Ok…big deal. EVERY date only happens once a century. Think about it: Is there going to be another June 17, 2010? OMG 6-17-10 ! ONCE A CENTURY! And before anyone tries to instill any
logic into this and say “Yea but there’s gonna be 10-10-3010 in a thousand years, or Oct 10, 2110 and those’ll
be 10-10-10”. You’re right, but you’re wrong, in that they are specifically talking about 2010. So my correction stands. Every date? Once a century. But whatever, you get the idea.

My thoughts: I’m not saying whether this would be smart or not, because I haven’t thought it through all the way but I do have some ideas.

First of all, the facts as it stands now: Much like the original start of the NWO, there’s a “missing” third man. There was to be a 6-man tag, of which Hogan is now out of due to injury. Video clips were shown of Hogan’s surgery and of him limping around and not moving very well. Dixie Carter wants Abyss fired and Eric Bischoff presented her with a “termination agreement” last night on Impact, for her to sign-off on this firing as of
Monday 10/11/2010 at midnight (Sunday night).

Ok so my thoughts are very simple. I’m thinking Hulk Hogan is not as fucked up as TNA wants people to think and that a lot of the footage of his surgery and trying to move around and
walk was exaggerated, and he’s not as injured as viewers were originally lead to believe, and it’s all a ruse because he will (again just like NWO) come out as the third man on the Joe/Jarrett team, as originally scheduled, but then turn on them ala the NWO heel turn. Bam! So Hogan is heel. And again, Bischoff had Dixie sign papers last night on Impact. We know he SAID it was a “termination agreement” to fire Abyss after the PPV on Sunday, BUT.. did you see what the papers said? Well, neither did I because they weren’t shown close-up to the camera. And if
you go back and re-watch last night’s Impact, you’ll notice that Dixie Carter didn’t look at the paperwork either, she basically just grabbed it and signed it. I think the fact that she was shown NOT looking at, or reading the paperwork at all but just quickly grabbed it and
“blindly” signed it, is an important fact that probably 90% of the audience didn’t even think about, including myself until I woke up this morning.

I think the papers were some kind of ownership or management takeover of some sort, and what we’ll find out is that what Dixie signed has actually given full ownership of TNA or full
control of the company to Hogan/Bischoff. If done right, that would now make them heels. They
reveal that Abyss has been talking about them all along, and “THEY” is actually Hogan and Bischoff.

That’s about it I guess. Thoughts and comments welcome, good or bad.