Hey folks…just a short funny / coincidental story someone asked me about today on Twitter:

A few months ago, at a show, some of the boys were talking gimmick matches, and we got on the subject of the ladder match.  I had mentioned that in 10 years of wrestling now, I’ve never actually been in a ladder match. Some guys were surprised.  Fast forward to about 3 or 4 weeks back from today. I’m going through some older wrestling photos, and I come across photos of myself, IN a ladder match. LOL ! I somehow have zero recollection of this match taking place, but I have the pics.  It was myself vs. Draven Blaze vs. Rikki Lane in EGW in 2004 or 2005, with Ref Matt Dillon donning the zebra stripes. Again, I don’t know what happened in this match, because I literally have no memory of it.  Another funny / interesting twist to this story: I’m also afraid of heights, and during that locker room conversation with the boys, I also mentioned that because of my fear of heights, I also never go to the top rope. I go the middle rope to do my senton splash, but never the top. Fast forward to one week ago, Sunday June 20 2010.  I’m last-minute booked for WXW in Tamaqua Pennsylvania, a town I have wrestled in a ton of times when I was working for EGW.  I see an old EGW friend at the show, Cletus Gambino (by the way, a GREAT guy. Cletus is an absolute class act all-around). We get to talking about the old times there in EGW, and he says something like “hey remember that ladder match you did?”. I’m stunned. I’m stunned because not only do I know I don’t remember it, but again, this topic had just come up recently at a show in which I said I had never been in one.  so I tell Cletus that story about me having no memory of it, but I found the photos.  Here’s where it gets interesting, and also explains probably why I don’t remember this match.  Again, I am AFRAID of heights. Cletus proceeds to tell me “You probably don’t remember it because of that crazy top rope spot you did”. So now I’ve learned not only that I HAVE in fact been in a ladder match, but I DID A TOP ROPE SPOT! LOL So now I’m thinking to myself, “fuck, I don’t remember this either. WHAT THE FUCK”. So I ask him to explain what happened.  Apparently, one of us had gone outside the ring get the ladder, and another guy followed. Those two guys were my opponents, Draven and Rikki.  I stayed in the ring.  While they were out on the floor fighting, I climbed to the top rope, looked down at them, and dove. I DOVE off the fucking top rope.  Unfortunately, neither of them were there to break my fall, and I crashed down bashing my head on the floor (this was a high school gym floor. Not fun to land on head-first).  Cletus was doing security that night, and he was standing close to me when I hit the floor.  He didn’t know if I was selling or legit hurt, so he didn’t get involved and risk fucking up the match. I was legit knocked out.  He said after I laid there not moving for 30-40 seconds, he realized I wasn’t “just selling” and picked me up and leaned me on the side of the ring.  He told the other two guys to back off me for a bit until I could collect myself.  Apparently that never happened because I just got back in the ring and kept going another 10-15 minutes.  I’m assuming I didn’t win, because I’m sure he’d have told me that.  He told me he was amazed that I even got back in and finished the match. I told him “Well I hope it was good because I don’t even remember the match happening, much less me diving off the top rope and literally knocking my own ass out”.  He said that Draven Blaze has this match on tape, so I’m going to try to get a copy.  I’m wondering if I’ve done anything else in this crazy world of “Spandex and Suplex” (thats my book title hah), but if I have, I hope someone tells me about it.

-Joey Image