Just a quick post on what I’d like to see happen with Bryan Danielson and his WWE situation. Bret denied contracts to the remaining 7 NXT guys on last night’s Raw. The Danielson absence was explained by Wade Barrett, saying basically he was remorseful for their attack on John Cena the previous week and since none of the remaining 7 were, they ejected Danielson from the group. With that being said, here’s what I came up with that I think would make a great angle. Barrett’s explanation clearly admits there’s tension / dissention between Danielson and at least Wade Barrett himself, if not between Danielson and all of NXT. So I think it would be great if Bret Hart calls out the 7 NXT guys to the ring at Sunday’s PPV and tells them if they want contracts, they’re going to have to earn them right then and there, in an 8-man NXT tag match. The stip is, it’s 4-on-4 with the winning team all receiving 1-year deals and the losing team all are gone. Wade Barrett says something like “You idiot, as you can see, there’s only 7 of us”. Bret’s response is: “I’m aware of that, so I went ahead and chose your 8th man for you. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, Bryan Danielson!”. Danielson comes out as part of the match. The teams are Danielson, Barrett, Gabriel and Heath Slater against the other 4 geeks, with the Danielson team going over and each get hired. The following night on Raw, the 4 winners cut a promo explaining the whole Danielson thing with Barrett throwing him out of the group was just a ruse to pull the wool over the eyes of Raw GM Bret Hart, and it was all masterminded by the leader of the NXT group, who is revealed to be Michael Cole, explaining why he got away safe and sound when NXT rushed the ring to destroy Cena. I don’t actually see any of this happening, its just a storyline idea I came up with after spending about 6 seconds thinking about it.